Pink Silk Napkins
Pink Silk Napkins


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Nothing feels dreamier than designing a dazzling your own special napkins for that you have dreamed of since you were a little girl. Create your own design and fold these beautiful napkins into whatever shapes your heart’s desire. The silky, shiny, and smooth texture and the dazzling demeanor of our satin cloth napkins will elevate your plain tables to a whole new level of royal excellence. These premium quality linens will create a perfect celebratory mood to delight your guests at all events retaining their sublime appearance even after extensive reuse. With a perfect blend of glitz and glam, our shimmery satin napkins will impart a classy and esteemed look to complement all the other embellishments on the table.  Swathe your tables with the sublime appeal of our satin cloth napkins to steal away the limelight. You can’t resist the charm of these splendidly designed accents for giving a glamorous twist to your tables at weddings, receptions, birthdays, holiday dinners, and other special occasions.

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